Great! Dr. Amy Day here and I’m super excited that you’ll be joining me and
nine women’s wellness experts for a 12-week journey to help you have
more energy, less stress and balanced hormones in 2015!

And, there’s even more…

I know that you have good intentions and a strong desire to learn more about how to optimize your health, and I know that these expert speakers are going to knock your socks off with valuable information, inspiration and practical steps.

AND I also know that it can be hard to stick to your intentions, and actually implement what you learn, all by yourself!

Because I want you to succeed, and have FUN doing it, I decided to create a unique way to give you extra support…


I’ve created an online interactive health game for you, called My Vitality Challenge.

The game will reward you for practicing daily self-care habits so you can experience long-lasting benefits from all that you will be learning. And you will get to meet and play with other like-minded women.

I purposefully designed the game to be easy to play. It offers motivation and accountability as you log in briefly each day to privately track your points. You will receive my guidance and recommendations for key lifestyle practices in my Four Cornerstones of Health: nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress management. During the game, you will be building your foundation for optimal vitality, which will help you reach your personal health goals.

You will also get points for the new habit recommended by the guest speaker each week, and for posting a social share where you can ask for support or celebrate successes.

I’ve designed this game to be customizable and realistic for busy women (and a few busy men, too!), but stretching your comfort zone will help you achieve the best results for optimal VITALITY!

PLUS, you will get downloadable recordings of all 12 interviews, and written summaries in case you are short on time but don’t want to miss any key points of expert advice from the Women’s Wellness Wednesdays speaker series.

This amount of support, guidance, accountability and fun would be worth hundreds of dollars, but it’s available here to carry you through the first few months of the year,

all for only $47.

So ask yourself:


This is less than a dollar per day! Isn’t it worth it to get eight weeks of amazing support to implement your healthy habits, plus own all of the recordings so you get the most from these valuable experts?

I warmly invite you to make this commitment to yourself.

Imagine where you want to be in
3 months or 6 months from now.

Get this support now to help yourself actually DO the things you will be learning about, so you can change the course you are on and get to where you really want to be.

You are worth it

I’m committed to you being the healthiest version of yourself, so that you can do all the important things that you do, fully enjoy your life AND make the difference you are here to make. That is the whole reason I created this speaker series and online game for you!

Again, you can play in My Vitality Challenge for 8 weeks
(Round 1 takes place Feb 1 – Mar 28) and get all of the recordings and summaries

all for only $47.

Give yourself the gift of health for less than a nice dinner out or a new yoga outfit, and in a format that keeps you much more accountable than a gym membership that you only go to for a few weeks.

If you tend to fall off the wagon easily, or if things come up that distract you from your own self-care, or if you realize that sometimes you even get in your own way, I encourage you to take this challenge to help you stay on track with lots of support and fun.

It’s best when you get a few friends to play with you as a team so you can encourage each other and add extra accountability, but you can also sign up solo. The site calculates your personal points and your team averages, and you can earn prizes along the way!

Capture the forward energy and motivation of the new year and put all that you know and all that you are learning into REAL practice in 2015…
…and get rewarded for it!

Remember, with the free speaker series you will only have 72hrs to listen to the interview each week, but when you sign up here to play My Vitality Challenge, you get to play the game AND you get all twelve of the recordings in a downloadable format so you can listen again and again to get every juicy detail.

Take this step towards more energy, less stress, balanced hormones and optimal vitality!

Click below to get started…

NOTE: There are only 100 spots for Round 1 of My Vitality Challenge, which will run from Feb 1 – Mar 28. If you are signing up with friends, decide on a team name together and make sure they sign up right away, too!

No thanks, Dr. Amy, I just want to listen to the interviews as they are released each week
(but this does sound fun and maybe some of my friends would be interested)